By on May 16, 2013

Mashape Updates: Secret Parameters and Headers

It’s been a while since we announced a new feature from Mashape, so we’re very excited to announce this one:  Secret Parameters and Headers for API providers.

What is a Secret Parameter/Header?

A Secret Parameter or Header are fixed key-value that is added to the request coming from the Mashape proxy to the API provider. Only API providers can set these values in their API.

API providers can set secret parameters and headers

API providers can set secret parameters and headers

What is it useful for?

One particular useful use-case for them is where developers have to sign up for separate accounts from the API provider and Mashape.  Having these values allow API providers to set a dedicated pre-registered account that can represent all users coming from Mashape to their API; or as an alternative identifying method.  These users can be further identified using the X-Mashape-User header that the API receives from Mashape.

The effect is a more streamlined process of API registration, testing, and consumption.  This saves developers the extra step of signing up for several accounts.

You can set your Secret Parameters and Headers in your API Admin page, under the Proxy tab.  See video below:

We are encouraging all API providers to use this feature.  Let us know what you think! –


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