By on September 2, 2014

NetImpact’s real-time, IP-to-location API lands on Mashape

NetImpact IP-to-location API

NetImpact, the powerful, real-time, IP-to-location based API developer service is now available on Mashape.  The API takes the most complicated data sets and generates easy to understand real-time formats.  NetImpact is carving a clear and simple path for developers to gain instant access to back end data; ultimately make their mobile, Web, Android, or iOS apps’ front-end function flawlessly. The company’s goal is to deliver universally accessible big data in the easiest format possible.

The IP-to-location API provides powerful data that enables you to build more intelligent applications for dynamic content delivery, location-aware applications, enhanced e-commerce, security and more.  NetImpact’s data sets include ISP, company, host, city, state, province, country, zip code, postal code, area code, latitude & longitude, and more.

The accuracy of geolocation, IP, data has improved greatly over the past few years.  However, there are still some lines of ambiguity.  NetImpact’s database is as good as you can get from the industry, such as: 95% accuracy to the country level, 90% accuracy to the state level, and 85% accuracy to the city level (within a 25 mile radius).

NetImpact is a freemium model.  At any time you can create an account and use the API in a limited fashion (up to 250 queries per day), at no cost.  As your use and development increases there’s a flexible pricing plan to suit your needs. Simply create a free account on Mashape and choose which real-time data sets you want returned, how it is delimited, and any other specific information needed.

With NetImpact’s API you’ll quickly gain access to the most relevant contact information possible, and easily call dynamic content based on geolocation, company or zip code.  You also get auto detect for possible credit card fraud.

NetImpact offers the easiest to use IP-to-location based API on Mashape today.

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