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Taking care of your users: Meet The First Air Quality API

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The following is a guest post from Breezometer. Don’t forget to consume the Breezometer Air Quality API on Mashape!

Recently announced as “the most promising startup company in 2014” by Global Entrepreneurship Week, BreezoMeter’s unique API has just landed on Mashape. BreezoMeter was invented to make air quality data as simple, intuitive and actionable as weather. The company’s core technology is in mapping air quality – historical, real time and projected – at street-level resolution. This is unique and valuable information that has many interesting use cases for many types of businesses and people.

Why use air quality data?

Recall that since air quality changes dramatically in a few hours and in a much higher resolution than weather, the potential for repeating “touches” from users throughout the day is enormous. For example, after visiting Mashape’s offices in San Francisco, we drove to Palo Alto. During that 45 minutes drive, we received 3 different notifications on air quality changes from our API. On top of that, we also received health recommendations like closing windows, turning on or off the A/C, etc.

What’s included in the API?

Our API contains several features, all by longitude/latitude or per address :

  • Real-time BreezoMeter’s Air Quality Index.
  • Real-time BreezoMeter’s Health Recommendations for athletes, kids, people with health sensitivities and more.
  • Real-time BreezoMeter’s Heat Map.
  • Real-time additional information on dominant pollutant in the air.
  • Historical data for all the above.

Sample use cases

There are probably thousands of different use cases to street level air quality data, here are the ones I know I would like to use 🙂

Weather – If your service already provides weather data, it should definitely provide air quality data. While weather information is still mainly city-oriented, we can provide this air quality information to a street address. This is what personalization is all about. Check out our upcoming post on how-to integrate BreezoMeter’s API with weather example.

Health – Accurate, street level, air quality data can really make a difference, especially for health sensitives who have asthma, lung or heart disease, and also to parents of small children, and pregnant women. With BreezoMeter’s API you can let your users know when it’s a good time to go outdoors, what they should do when there is a low air quality, and much more.

Fitness platforms & wearable devices – Air quality and outdoor exercise are good friends. Help your users find the healthiest exercise route or summarize the air they breathed during the day.

Real estate – Now everyone can make informed choices about where they are going to live, thanks to historical air quality data

As developers, we built our API in the most fun and simple way to integrate on every platform.


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