By on December 9, 2015

Unlock Hidden Data Insights with Buzzlogix Text Analysis API

Buzzlogix is Smart Social Media Management software and has recently released the engine behind their tool. Their recently released Text Analysis API based on natural language processing and machine learning, is quickly finding a way into developers’ toolboxes. Buzzlogix allows app developers to integrate into their applications for free (there are also other plans available for larger or growing enterprises.) A key component of this API is the use of natural language processing – a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with understanding the language, or languages humans use to interact with computers. Essentially, this technology allows users to analyze various texts and channels (such as blog posts, competitors’ websites, and industry newspapers) to make better-informed decisions. One of the most important features of the API is sentiment analysis, which interprets what your audience is saying about your products or services in a negative, neutral, or positive fashion.

Applied to social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook, the sentiment of any one post or tweet can prompt future customer interaction and even drive revenue. Another feature of this API is gender identification. As content is written about your brand, you can determine what gender a certain poster identifies as, allowing an even better understanding of your market. An included keyword extraction function allows your company to extract from arbitrary webpages and documents specific word combinations. And spam detection helps address those spam emails and comments.
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There are several real-world cases in which this API is useful. Regarding business intelligence, a user would have the ability to engage in process improvement, data mining, and up-to-date consumer profiling. Another use case—social media monitoring, allows for sentiment analysis, follower profiling, spam filtering, and gender identification. Even in semantic advertising, users can develop more precise ad targeting, brand development strategies, and ad profiling. In public relations settings, companies can discover and categorize content, as well as engage in process improvement.

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Buzzlogix offers best in class solutions for application developers to leverage the benefits of natural language processing and text analysis into their apps. Social media marketers and agencies can leverage this technology in their smart social media management tool. For more information on Buzzlogix, please visit their website here.