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Use Datafinder API for Email, Contact Info & Demographic Data

The following is a guest post by Datafinder. Don’t forget to consume the Datafinder API on Mashape!

Datafinder API is a self-serve website that gives organizations access to LifeData®, a living history of consumer data that is generated through real life events, actions and activities. These data points include such things as: contact details, demographic information, education level, family status, financial details, and much more. Datafinder operates a large data warehouse, where more than 9,200 data files are aggregated and indexed that contain over 700 Billion LifeData® attributes.’s API’s are now available at Mashape, giving developers instant access to billions of data attributes to add contact information, and demographic information to improve customer or prospect segmentation, and allow for targeted multi-channel marketing.

Email Append and Phone Append APIs

Datafinder’s Email and Phone APIs allow email addresses or phone numbers to be added to customer or prospect lists when first name/last name and postal address are used as inputs. This is essential information for marketing and sales people who need to make contact with prospects and customers. Costs for email and phone append are based on the number of matched records with pricing starting at 3 cents per matched record, with lower pricing at higher volumes.

All kinds of marketers and consultants, as well as independent agents, such as insurance brokers and real estate agents are big users of Datafinder’s Email and Phone APIs. They use the APIs to instantly add phone and/or email addresses to the contact information they do have for customers or prospects so they can fill in missing data as well as update old records. Using Datafinder’s APIs allows developers to easily add email address or phone numbers into CRM systems so users of the system have instant access to more complete records. This provides an integrated solution that gives sales and marketing additional channels by adding phone and email, and improves the success rates, by updating old records, for connecting with customers and prospects.

Demographic API

Datafinder’s Demographic API allows developers instant access to demographic information such Gender, Age, Average Household Income, Ethnicity, Marital Status, Home Owner versus Renter, Presence of Children, as well as many other demographic attributes.

Adding Demographic data via API allows for immediate understanding of your customer base without having to ask them for more information at sign-up. Most customers want to provide as little information as possible at account opening, and if fact, there is attrition when you ask for too much information. But while you don’t want to lose customers by asking for too much information, you DO want insights into who your customers are, so you can better understand and market to them, as well as use this data to find new customers.

By using Datafinder’s Demographic append, you get instant insights into your customer demographics without risking any backlash. What’s the average income of your customers? How many are married? How many have children? Adding demographic attributes to your customers or prospects also allows you to better understand who you are selling to, which will greatly improve your ability to do segmentation and targeting. For example, you may add demographic attributes and find out that half of your audience own pets. Using this information, you could run an email campaign keeping the messaging the same for everyone, but adding a picture that includes a pet to the people who you know are pet owners. Adding demographic attributes can similarly help you segment your customers or prospects by age, job title, geography, interests, etc., allowing you to target the right audience with the right message, the first try.

Datafinder’s Demographic API gives you instant insights for 3 cents or less (depending on volume) per matched record. This allows you to determine appropriate messaging to improve marketing, and/or customer acquisition ROI.

Zip+4/ Zip code level demographic API

The Zip Code, or more granular (averages about 10 households) Zip+4 demographic APIs allow developers instant access to demographic information such Average Household Income, Median Age, Ethnicity, Home Owners versus Renters, Education level, Singles versus Married population, and Percentage of Homes with Children at the zip code level.

If your company already knows many of the common attributes of your customers or your best customers, use Datafinder’s Zip code demographic API to find Zip Codes or Zip+4’s where there’s a high density of households with the same attributes of your best customers. So, if you already know you best customers tend to be married females between the ages of 35-44 who have children, with an average household of $100,000, Datafinder allows you to easily determine which Zip Codes and/or Zip+4 are the best target for your marketing efforts. In addition to determining which Zip Codes or Zip+4’s are the best target for your marketing efforts, businesses have also used our Zip+4 demographic append in the same manner to determine the best location to open additional locations for their business.

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