By on September 19, 2018

Welcome to the New Kong Hub

I’m delighted to introduce you to the Kong Hub, the best place to find and share things that make Kong even better! It is now quick and easy to discover Kong plugins and integrations — and to share your Kong creations with the world.

The Kong Hub serves two main purposes:

  1. If you are a Kong Admin, the Kong Hub is the single best place to discover all the amazing things you can add to Kong to make Kong even more helpful in solving your problems. From plugins that are bundled with Kong, to plugins created and shared by community members, to integrations that make Kong easier and better to use with the systems you already use, you’ll find an ever-growing list of extensions (which is the generic term we use to refer to things in the Kong Hub).
  2. If you created a Kong Plugin, or documented how to integrate Kong with a particular service or package, or extended Kong in some other way, the Kong Hub is the single best place to share your contribution with the global Kong Community. Adding your extension to the Kong Hub is easy, and doing so will ensure it gets discovered by fellow Kong users that can benefit from it. The Kong Hub is viewed more than 20,000 times each month and is typically the second most popular page on our entire website.

To explore the Kong Hub, simply visit As of today, you’ll find all the Kong Inc.-published plugins you know and love, plus a handful of plugins and integrations from a variety of contributors, including:

You can also look forward to regular additions to the Kong Hub — we’ll be covering new listings via Twitter, in our email newsletter (subscribe at the bottom of this page), on this blog, in webinars, on Kong Community Calls, etc.

Have you created a Kong integration or plugin that you would like to expose to the widest possible audience? Adding your listing to the Kong Hub is straightforward. The Kong Hub and all of the website are what is called “docs as code” — we maintain documentation using the same tools and processes that we use to maintain our software code. Thus, to add your listing to the Kong Hub, you’ll need to:

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Duplicate the sample file, put it in a correctly-named folder and fill in the blanks
  3. Commit your change, then PR your addition back to
  4. Your contribution will get reviewed by Kong staff — we’ll work with you to get it finalized, then listed on the live
  5. Going forward, as new versions of your extension are released and/or as new major versions of Kong and Kong Enterprise are released, you are encouraged to update your Kong Hub listing — or the community might help out and update it!

The Kong Hub contribution process is documented in detail, along with an invitation to schedule a quick call with me — we can discuss your plans for a new Kong integration, I can answer questions about listing your extension, etc. You are also invited to join the Kong Hub discussion in Kong Nation.