Global API infrastructure
the fast and easy way

Launch fully managed, dedicated Cloud Gateways across 9 regions in APJ, India,
Europe, and North America.

Fastest time to value

Provision, manage, secure, and govern your APIs in a matter of hours. Run on dedicated infrastructure managed by Kong experts on AWS today. Azure and GCP coming soon.

Secure and resilient

Leverage Kong’s expertise in running a modern and secure global API infrastructure. Securely manage your infrastructure with for both internal and external API traffic, as if you were running it yourself.

Scale elastically

Automatically scale your resources based on current demand, and pay only for what you use. Deploy as many clusters of Kong Gateway as you need with one click. Scale out and upgrade with no downtime.

Powered by Kong Gateway

Sub-millisecond latency, hundreds of plugins, and a world-class ecosystem of integrations.

No Downtime

Run your API with autopilot HA

Flexibility to choose the automated scalability of Autopilot or higher predictability and control of Custom mode, so you are in full control of your infra.


Multi-cloud and multi-region

Enhance performance by deploying your infrastructure close to your APIs in the clouds and regions of your choice, and keep sensitive API traffic in your country.

High Performance

Dedicated performance

Leverage the reliability and security of dedicated infrastructure combined with the ease of use of an autoscalable offering. The best of both worlds.

For Edge and Internal APIs

Private networking and more

Support internal and edge use cases with the security you enjoyed in your own data centers. Leverage global routing at the edge across region.

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Deploy a modern, global API infrastructure today

Supercharge your digital experience with the most performant, secure, and scalable dedicated cloud gateway.