Kong fuels Manufacturing

Transform manufacturing operations, processes, and business models with Kong's
unified API management platform.

Optimize your supply chain for faster time to market

New technologies such as agile engineering, digital twins, and cloud are redefining industrial manufacturing. Kong’s unified API platform enables different systems, equipment, and software applications to communicate and exchange data, empowering manufacturers to migrate their legacy systems, embrace new technologies, and scale operations.

Learn how GSK leverages Kong to accelerate product launches by enhancing data connectivity and ensuring security with automation and architectural flexibility.

The benefits of API-first manufacturing

Centralized access breaks down data silos

Stay ahead of connectivity challenges and data gaps across legacy and modern systems. Deploy and run APIs where needed with complete architectural freedom and visibility into your 
API ecosystem.

Accelerate your digital production line

Speed up your development cycles based on standard interfaces, and adapt to market dynamics swiftly. Improve efficiency, quality, 
and flexibility in production operations.

Safeguard your supply chain operations

Protect your digital infrastructure with automated security and governance. Kong’s plug-in architecture allows flexibility and customization 
to address emerging security concerns.

Manufacturing companies trust Kong with their API management

Modernize manufacturing through continuous reinvention

Operational agility through data connectivity

Kong’s platform provides you the flexibility to operate across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Break down system and data silos and enable simplified management and control of your API ecosystem through a single pane of glass.

Learn how Mercedes-Benz leverages Kong to support data access across its decoupled architecture to improve efficiency.

Streamline developer productivity with reusability

Embed custom logic directly into your gateways so that you can adapt to changing workloads without major development or integration effort. Kong provides a standardized approach to transforming data and protocols, which makes launching new services fast and easy.

Learn how Cargill leverages Kong to improve deployment cycles with a unified developer experience.

Protect data across the digital ecosystem

Kong’s extensive array of automated security policies ensures protection of sensitive data with less effort as your digital infrastructure grows. Kong Mesh enforces Zero-Trust security by minimizing operational burden while managing all services in a single unified platform.

Learn about a security-first approach with Kong’s built-in features and a rich plugin ecosystem.

Gartner names Kong a Leader

For the fourth consecutive year, Kong was named a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for API Management

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