By on January 27, 2012

Demand for jobs related to APIs

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This quick search on Indeed demonstrates the thesis that we have always believed in at Mashape. More and more developers are required to grow the API economy. Startups are starting to hire API evangelists and API engineers, and these positions would never have existed just 5 years ago.

Relative growth for jobs matching "API" from

Relative growth for jobs matching “API” from searches millions of jobs from thousands of job sites, this job trends graph shows relative growth for jobs we find matching “API”.

2008: ~  50% growth Y/Y
2009: ~ 75% growth Y/Y
2010: ~ 100% growth Y/Y
2011: ~ 130% growth Y/Y
2012: + 150% growth Y/Y (extrapolated)

The demand is exploding indeed 🙂


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