By on June 7, 2013

Get the right date, near you, with LoveHere!

We’re always excited with interesting apps that make use of Mashape APIs.  One in particular is the recent winner of the Mashape Skybiometry prize category in APIDays Mediterranea.  Their app is called LoveHere:

LoveHere App

LoveHere App – Image translated to English from Spanish)

The team composed of Javier Abadia, Jaime Nieves Martinez, and Francesc Puigvert Pell built LoveHere in 7 hours for the APIDays Mediterranea (Though we weren’t physically there, we had Apicultur to thank for helping represent Mashape in the hackathon).  It is a platform for dating that allows to connect users with people nearby without compromising personal information.  The user has to register, which involves taking a picture of him/herself.  The photo is analyzed for age and gender (using the Skybiometry API) so that they can’t lie about such information (pretty important for a dating platform).  The app also uses the ArcGIS Online hosted map services to store the user’s location and find nearby users using geoprocessing.  The user can also perform phone calls to nearby potential dates without revealing his/her number, by using the Twilio API.

The LoveHere team was awarded the Nexus tablet sponsored by the APIDays Mediterranea, as well as a 300 EUR worth of Skybiometry subscription.  This will help them build a fully working app 🙂

Here’s a video (trailer?) of the LoveHere team 🙂  Congratulations!