By on July 8, 2013

HumanAPI hackathon finishes with 30 health-focused apps

HumanAPI hackathonLast weekend we had the privilege of being a sponsor to the HumanAPI Hackathon.  The Human API is a platform that lets developers easily and securely integrate health data into their apps.  It lets you aggregate all your health information from other providers/APIs and selectively access health information in groups (e.g. Activities, Blood glucose, etc).  This gives developers a holistic view of a person’s health information that can be used to contribute to the progress in the medical/health industry through apps.

The 24-hackathon ended with 30 creative projects ranging from a ‘Mommy’ app (that constantly nags you to get into exercise mode) to something more practical like the ‘Patient Intake Forms’ which takes out the pain of filing out forms repeatedly.  You can check out the whole list of projects here.

Here are some teams that used APIs that are listed in Mashape.  Needless to say, they are our favorites! 😉



CheerPeer is an application that monitors your health vitals and intelligently connects you with the ‘right’ friends who can cheer you up.  It uses the Chatterbox sentiment analysis API to identify which friends can cheer you up (based on chat data) and the Human API to provide your health information.

Patient Intake Forms (Docusign)


The Patient Intake Forms app uses Docusign and the Human API to take the pain out of filling forms repeatedly.  It is a no-brainer, practical, and useful application that begs to be adopted in the medical industry where time is a valuable resource.  Good job on this!

[youtube] is an application that uses the Human API and machine learning algorithms to find patterns (activities) based on specific health data points.  Recognizing the sensitivity of such information, the application also lets you select information that can be shared as a feed that can be used by other applications.  They also have an API in Mashape to boot!  Pretty awesome application with tons of potential 🙂