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List of 15+ University APIs

University APIIf your university API is not here, please tweet to @mashape.  And on to the list, in no particular order:

  1. HarvardEvents – HarvardEvents knows about events from 2009-05-27 onward. New events (or changes to old events) may take up to 24 hours to appear in HarvardEvents’s database.
  2. MIT IST (Information Services and Technology) Web APIs – Application developers can integrate with or consume data from these systems using a standard protocol for doing so, instead of using a custom, application-specific protocol (Moira, MITID DB) or raw SQL (Data Warehouse, RolesDB).
  3. University of Cambridge Library Data – Returns locally held library information such as location, opening hours etc., with data presented in XML elements (for consistency with other web services).
  4. UC Berkeley – Live data from campus APIs
  5. Stanford University Course Data – A course data API is available to students and faculty. This API allows developers to programmatically query the course database. For more information, please contact Jim Sproch.
  6. BYU Calendar – The calendar API is a service that provides calendar items and calendar categories for local consumption
  7. BYU Academic – University course and curriculum support service
  8. University of Oxford Systems Status – The system monitors the availability of a number of IT services provided by the University of Oxford.
  9. Princeton University WordNet – A lexical database for English
  10. Caltech Exoplanet Archive – provides access to the Exoplanet Archive
  11. University of Michigan – campus-related APIs
  12. NUS (Singapore) IVLE – The IVLE LAPI is available to developers who wish to integrate to the following tools on IVLE.
  13. University of Pennsylvania Data Warehouse – You can use online electronic forms to request new or updated access to participating administrative systems.
  14. University of Illinois CITES LENS – Lens, a campus network information system.
  15. University of Chicago Data Feeds – UChicago Mobile Center
  16. Johns Hopkins University Hub – Research article retrieval service
  17. Cornell eBird Web Services – bird species information
  18. University of Toronto EASI – Repository of Student Information, stores student information where it can be accessed by the university’s students and staff.

Is this list missing your university API?  Tweet to @mashape so we can add it here

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