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Mashape goes Beta – Reports from Mashable, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb

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Hi all!

Mashape goes beta

After almost 6 months of alpha testing, Mashape is finally going Beta today! We pushed out the billing system to easily monetize your API, as well as some social features that allows you to follow APIs and other developers.

Check out some of the news coverage we got below!

From Mashable:

For startups looking to create or license their web-based products, an API marketplace is a boon. It allows for quick publicizing and discovery of APIs, and lets its users easily match them to developers’ needs. Mashape is also launching a simple billing system and social features for API providers.

TechCrunch logo

From TechCrunch:

Mashape, which was founded in November by Augusto Marietti, Marco Palladino and Mike Zonca, aims to be a little bit Etsy, a little bit Github by building a unified, all-in-one marketplace where users can find, sell, distribute, and hack on APIs. The platform makes it easy to list any JSON API using its simple wizard and provide it to a community of developers just waiting to get hackin’. Plus, there are 5 auto-generated client libraries, including PHP, Ruby, Python, Object C and Java.

API consumers can use any API listed on Mashape via a single Developer Key and a standard interface, so that once you’ve learned how to consume an API on Mashape, you know how to consume then all. Developers can even test their APIs by using Mashape’s online Test Console.

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From ReadWriteWeb:

Currently Mashape has more than 110 APIs, both published and private, and as the startup moves beyond its private alpha, that number will only grow. “I believe APIs have no limits,” says co-founder and CEO Augusto Marietti.


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