By on January 30, 2011

Mashape Updates #2 – New PHP server library, PHP & Ruby client library, better JSON API, social features

Mashape updates

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Hey Mashapers,

Since we’ve released Mashape, we’ve been listening to your feedback and added some interesting features.

Mashape Updates

  • A new PHP server library

The PHP server library has reached version 0.6, with many improvements and bug fixes. An improved compatibility and security, by moving the server key setting from the XML description file to the implementation. We’ve added support for custom routes to make nice RESTful URLs, and the Guide has been completely rewritten with plenty of sample code.

  • Auto-generated client libraries: PHP and Ruby

We’re finally taking advantage of the standard interface that every component implements, thanks to the server library, by auto-generating a super-easy PHP and Ruby client library for every component. This means that every developer can now easily consume a component natively in PHP or Ruby. Python and Java support is on the roadmap. To get started, take a look at the updated Guide.

  • A better JSON API

The existing JSON API has been improved to return more standard responses. The error messages generated by Mashape are now standardized with the others, so that they can be handled nicely in your application.

  • Private messages

You can now chat with other developers using the private messaging feature. You can ask them to add new features to their components, or to fix some bugs. Go to your Inbox to read messages.

  • Social user profiles

Get more social by linking your Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub and Twitter accounts to your Mashape profile, and stay connected with your developer friends.

  • Be a contributor

Mashape has made a lot of improvements thanks to your feedbacks and your efforts. This has made us proud of our community, and this is why we’ve added a new Contributors page where we listed all the hackers that gave us valuable feedback.

We’ve a full roadmap ahead to make Mashape a better place in the following months. The next feature will be billing, where you’ll be able to sell the components to the community. Along with it, we’re also improving the component’s profile with a new Issues section to notify bugs or defects to the developer, and a component’s reputation/ rating that shows how reliable a component is.

Send us an email to for any question, suggestion or feedback! 🙂