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Mashape Updates #3 – Python, Obj-C, Java client library, CakePHP plugin, JSONP tokens, HTTPS migration

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Mashape updates

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Hey guys,

Since the last update, we’ve released some exciting features!

Mashape Updates

  • Python, Objective-C and Java client libraries

You can now consume any component in your preferred language. Along with PHP and Ruby, we now support five auto-generated client libraries! You can use the Objective-C client to build iOS apps, or create new exciting apps on Android in Java. If you create a component, you now support all these languages from day 1, giving you a wider distribution.

  • is on Mashape, become a platform too!, one of the biggest european e-commerce platform, uses Mashape to generate and distribute their brand new API. We’re looking for success stories like this! Contact us at to learn more about integrating your existing service into Mashape. Let your service finally become a platform and not just a website.

  • CakePHP Plugin

If you’re using the popular CakePHP Framework, you’ll be happy to know we’ve created a new plugin for better integration. Learn more about generating and distributing APIs for your Cake application. PS. symfony is on the roadmap 🙂

  • JSONP Tokens for client-side Javascript

We’ve improved security when consuming a component in Javascript. You can now require a JSONP Token associated with one or more domains that replaces your API Key, so that nobody can impersonate your user.

  • is now under HTTPS

This is one of the major security improvements we committed last month – now your tokens are secure 🙂

  • Mashape on tour 🙂

The last month, we’ve been traveling to Europe to talk with the community, because we really want Mashape to be everyone’s platform. We’ve visited Amsterdam, Manchester, London, with new trips being planned in Madrid, Munich, Berlin, Paris, and then back again to San Francisco. If you’re around, drop us an email! We would love to meet you!

Not listed above are thousands of bug fixes both on the platform, on the server library and on the client libraries. Also, we’re privately testing the billing add-on with some Mashapers. As soon as it works perfectly, you can start making money on Mashape by selling your API. We’re very excited for this feature.

Again, we’re looking for your feedback. If you have any question or if you’re stuck in the documentation, feel free to contact us!


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