By on January 30, 2012

The inevitable pivot of Telcos: moving from land to the cloud.

Telco (telecommunication operators) companies have always been CSP (communication service providers) since the beginning. They started and created their power along the road by implanting the infrastructure to let people communicate easily from all over the world by just dialing a number on a machine called “telephone”.

A group of typical red London phone cabins by Telcos

A group of typical red London phone cabins

The Bell Telephone Company was founded in July, 1877. Long distance calls, at that time, were a dream. Later in 1885, Bell created the American Telephone and Telegraph company (AT&T)  to create a nationwide long-distance network with a commerically viable cost-structure. The mission was to reach the general masses. The first telephone line from Chicago to New York was inaugurated in 1892, eventually creating a country-wide telephone system. The assets of Bell Company were merged into the new AT&T.

Here’s an interesting report by Telco2.0 Research demonstrating the potential of Telcos in growing Cloud Services revenue by 9-fold and tripling their overall market share in the next 3 years. Read the report here: Cloud2.0: Telcos to grow Revenues 900% by 2014