By on December 4, 2013

Tradier joins Mashape


Want to build an amazing financial trading app?  We’ve got the API for you!

Tradier is a next generation financial services technology solution with a bundled platform for tool providers, online banks, developers and investors.  Tradier offers a complete set of real-time APIs, data, and an advanced set of secure web and mobile modules for clients to deliver powerful investor experiences.

As a cloud based brokerage technology platform for trading and analytics, Tradier empowers application providers to bring their products to a larger audience of institutional and active retail traders.  Integration with Tradier’s API enables developers to build applications that offer execution capabilities to their customers, as well as offer access to third-party services connected to Tradier.

With Tradier offering trading in equities, options and complex options, and accompanied real time market data, Mashape is proud to have the Tradier API in our marketplace.

Here’s a sample response from the Get Quotes endpoint:

[snippet id=”1166″]


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