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Is Your Developer Platform a Roadblock to Innovation?

Organizations embracing distributed architectures risk slowing development velocity, increasing management overhead and reducing service discoverability due to their legacy API platforms. Legacy solutions lack CI/CD integrations, cannot deploy natively on Kubernetes, and don’t provide visibility into services, minimizing the benefits of distributed architectures.

Slowed Development Velocity

Legacy API platforms fail to ensure consistent documentation, resulting in poor service discoverability and outages when docs do not match production.

Tedious Manual Processes

Legacy API platforms lack robust integrations with leading CI/CD tools, reducing ability to automate manual tasks and draining developer productivity.

Increased Risk of Disruptions

Legacy API gateways are not container- or kubernetes-native, creating risk of configuration drift due to separate management of the gateway and the underlying platform.


Kong’s Service Control Platform fuels your innovation engine by providing a developer platform built for distributed architectures. Featuring end-to-end automation, streamlined developer onboarding, and native integrations with containers and Kubernetes, Kong’s service control platform maximizes speed without sacrificing quality or control.

Reduce Deployment Risk

Eliminate risk of configuration drift by declaratively configuring Kubernetes and the Kong Gateway within a single YAML file. Limit who can make configuration changes through Role-based Access Controls (RBAC).

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Boost Developer Productivity

Provide a frictionless onboarding and service discovery experience to drive API consumption. Ensure developers always have access to the most up-to-date documentation with automatic updates.

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Accelerate Time to Market

Automate workflows and reduce manual tasks by seamlessly integrating with leading CI/CD tools. Automatically generate configurations and publish REST, GraphQL, and gRPC services to the Kong Developer Portal using Kong Studio.

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Customer Results

Cargill relies on Kong Enterprise for 65x faster deployments

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