By on April 11, 2018

Celebrating 100 Kong Contributors with a Special Edition T-shirt

One way to measure the success of an open source project is its popularity. Kong, with more than 15M downloads and 15,000 stars on GitHub, can be considered fairly successful. However, for long-term success, the popularity of an open source project needs to also be balanced with the health of the project. And, a key metric for measuring health is its pool of contributors. Therefore, we are very proud to announce that Kong has attracted its 100th contributor!

And as we celebrate this important milestone, we have produced a special edition Kong T-shirt for all of our contributors.

kong contributor special edition t-shirt

If you have already made a Pull Request to that was merged, please fill-out this form to receive your contributor T-shirt.

If you haven’t made a contribution yet, it is not too late! We are launching the Kong Contributor T-shirt program and will provide this t-shirt to all future Kong contributors.

Proudly wear this special edition T-shirt and tag us on Twitter @thekonginc #KongStrong.

Kong 100 contributors

Want to get your 2018 Kong contributor T-shirt? Get started today by browsing the issues, reading our contribution guidelines, and proposing your own Pull Request!