By on August 11, 2020

A Guide to Building Racial Equality and Inclusivity in the Tech Workplace

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Although the tech industry has been slowly getting more diverse over recent years, there is still an enormous amount of work to be done in building racial equality and inclusivity in today’s workplace. What can tech employees do to impact change in their own companies? What does it mean to be an ally? Below is a recording of Kong’s Ashley Griffin and her live chat with Race Scholar and Activist Callie Watkins Liu about the state of tech, racism in the workplace, and how to build allyship and solidarity in the workplace.



Dr. Callie Watkins Liu and Ashley Griffin put together the guide below which gives a look into the current state of racial inequality and discrimination in tech, what meaningful allyship and solidarity in the workplace look like, and how you can help drive impactful change in your own organization.



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