By on December 11, 2018

Announcing Kong Cloud

Today at KubeCon, we announced the launch of Kong Cloud – a fully managed version of Kong Enterprise designed to accelerate large organizations’ digital transformation initiatives. With Kong Cloud, customers can instantly start building cloud native services and connect all their services across different environments, vendors and platforms.

By 2022, IDC predicts that “90% of all new apps will feature microservice architectures” and that “35% of all production apps will be cloud native.” This seismic shift imposes new API requirements, and leveraging an API platform that can support modern enterprise architectures is now mission critical. To address this, Kong Cloud provides large organizations with a frictionless way to rapidly adopt the Kong Enterprise platform at scale.

Along with Kong Enterprise’s robust and battle-tested functionality, Kong Cloud brings several operational and strategic benefits for large organizations. Below, we highlight some of the core advantages of using Kong Cloud:

Achieve Cloud-Scale

Start building cloud native applications instantly. Localize services within region to minimize latency and maximize uptime.

Manage Hands-Free

Unleash the full power of Kong Enterprise without impacting development teams. Get the latest product features and functionality with zero disruption.

Unify Services

Bridge the gap between your on-prem and cloud services with zero downtime, regardless of vendor, platform or deployment pattern.

Analyze Performance

Receive daily logs to zero in on performance issues. Understand performance at every level – from a full cluster to a single endpoint.

Smooth Migration

Support gradual migration of workloads to the cloud. Leverage Canary Releases to reduce migration risk and incrementally shift traffic mix across workloads in different environments.

Unlock Multi-Cloud

Connect services across all major cloud vendors. Take advantage of the best tools for each use case and avoid lock-in.



If you’re ready to stop managing APIs and start focusing on building services, check out our webinar on Kong Cloud or get in touch today!