Kong CE 0.12.0 adds active health checks and hashed-based load balancing

By on July 24, 2018

Announcing Kong EE 0.33 – Featuring RBAC, Workspaces, Prometheus Plugin, and More!

We’re excited to announce our biggest Enterprise Edition release to date – Kong EE 0.33. We’ve packed this release full of new features and capabilities, improvements to your favorite Kong tools, and bug fixes to maximize your Kong experience.

Below, we’ll dive into the key reasons why you should be excited to start your Kong journey or upgrade your existing deployment. Be sure to check out the changelog for the full details. Happy Konging!

What’s New?

– New Features –

New RBAC Implementation

Take granular control of your resources with Kong’s new RBAC implementation supporting both endpoint and entity-level access control. Stop worrying about whether the wrong people can access your resources. Kong’s RBAC allows you to set up roles with different permission levels to easily ensure that the only people accessing a given resource are the ones you want. Gain complete flexibility to define access. Define the roles and level of access that you want, and assign individuals or teams to those roles. Check out the Documentation.


Build the most efficient teams possible with Kong’s new Workspaces feature. Improve your workflows by grouping APIs & plugins by teams. Restrict access so that teams only see what they need and what they’re authorized for. Keeps all resource associated with a particular team isolated only to that team to reduce clutter, minimize the potential for errors, and eliminate security issues. Note that workspaces are available in the API only, and not in the Admin GUI.

– New Plugins –


Want to use Prometheus to monitor your Kong cluster performance? Now you can. Use Kong’s Prometheus plugin to expose metrics related to Kong and proxied upstream services in Prometheus exposition format. Gain visibility into performance metrics, including: status codes, latency histograms, bandwidth, DB reachability, and connections. For increased security, couple Prometheus with Kong’s RBAC to limit access to the metric data to the Prometheus server.


Gain insights into your consumers and monitor activity across your Services and Routes with the StatsD plugin. Easily log metrics to a StatsD server or Collectd daemon to unlock rich, real-time insights into requests and responses. Analyze trends and proactively address issues by tracking requests and responses globally, by individual user, and by unique user.

What’s Improved?

Admin GUI

Increase visibility over your consumers with the ability to view which plugins are configured on a consumer

Dev Portal

Better secure your cluster by blocking revoked Dev Portal Users and Consumers at the proxy

Improve performance for your plugins, including:

  • OpenID Connect
  • Forward Proxy
  • Canary
  • LDAP Auth Advanced
  • And much more! Check out the rest here!

What’s Fixed?

For existing Kongers, there are several bug fixes across the dev portal, the admin GUI, and several plugins, including OpenID, Zipkin, LDAP Auth Advanced, and Rate Limiting Advanced. Read the full list here