By on June 19, 2013

Call Mashape APIs in your Windows 8 and .NET applications via Unirest

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Unirest - Windows 8As proud contributors to the open source community, nothing makes us happier than getting feedback and support from developers who like to make things better.

Shortly after we released, we received a ton of feedback from developers who would like to get a Windows 8 and .NET port.  Before we can even get to it, we received contributions from Michael Azarkevich and Michael Sync who ported Unirest to the two platforms.  To the two Michaels, a HUGE THANK YOU!  You rock m/

We have officially rolled them in with the rest of the Unirest libraries here.  You can also check out this Unirest Windows 8 tutorial.  We’d like to get more feedback on them, and if you find something’s amiss, send us a pull request 😉


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