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Congratulations to #AngelhackNYC Mashape category winners!

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AngelHackNYC held in NYC

We would like to congratulate the two teams that won the Mashape categories at AngelhackNYC!  Awesome job guys! We look forward to opening up opportunities for you by promoting your hacks with the Mashape community, and connecting you with developers/entrepreneurs/businesses that might take interest 🙂

Also, congratulations to the AngelhackNYC grand prize winner Kronicle! As well as the 70+ teams that participated in AngelhackNYC.  We’d reach out to everyone soon!

And finally, thanks to the organizers of Angelhack and Huge for arranging a well-attended hackathon in New York.

Without further ado, our winners!

Springsense (Meaning Recognition) Category

Check out Lance Nanek showing their mobile app here in AngelhackNYC that helps medical staff to figure out where to stick the needle 😛  It’s also using the Springsense Meaning recognition API to disambiguate medical terms – especially useful in keeping patients calm during medical tests.


Skybiometry (Face Detection/Recognition) Category

Check out this cool interactive ad system from “OrderCandy” that uses the face detection API from Skybiometry to detect people passing through and activate only when there’s a “real” person in front of it.  They’re also using face detection to correctly aim the face when taking a picture that is used for giving the order out to the right people, and smile detection to unlock an “easter egg” (e.g. discounts, etc).



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