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Face Detection and Analytics API by AdMobilize Now Available on Mashape!

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Hey Mashapers!

We are AdMobilize, an early growth technology company headquartered in Miami, FL. We have a preview of technology used in our next platform, MATRIX, available to you. Through Mashape, we are offering access to some of our Face Detection and Analytics API.

Our API provides access to our computer vision algorithms, so you can analyze your images and video in real time. Retail spaces, live events, small businesses, and trade shows are just a few venues perfect for gathering data. We provide you with statistics for age, gender, emotion, face count, glance count, and dwell time. We also run an aggregated analysis to provide popular emotion, popular age, popular gender, etc. per API request. This way you’ll be able to answer questions like “what age and gender is this advertisement appealing to?” and “what is the emotional reaction we generally see from adult females?” These algorithms are included in the MATRIX platform, the world’s first platform for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, which can be developed and deployed to hardware in minutes.

Accompanying the MATRIX platform, we’ve also created a hardware device that allows you to interact with physical spaces, including a camera, thermometer, microphones, barometer, and gyroscope, and many more. Many onboard wireless communications are included, such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, IR, Bluetooth, 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, along with CDMA and GSM.


Under the hood, we are running MATRIX OS, a software layer which combines data sources from sensors and wireless communications with powerful computer vision, machine learning, and data processing libraries through a robust JavaScript SDK. We are hard at work coding drivers and APIs (some of which we are publishing through Mashape) for prominent smart devices, with many more on our roadmap. Let us know about your favorite devices so we can prioritize!

MATRIX IoT applications are fundamentally event-driven logic sequences. For example, an application can be written to do the following; When you approach your front door, the camera recognizes your face through facial recognition software, then, as a response to that successful identification, the application sends a signal to your door lock to open. If you wanted an additional layer of security, you could define a specialized gesture to be provided before the door is unlocked. We will be releasing our Gesture API on Mashape soon, so stay tuned!

Yes, there will be a MATRIX App Market where you can monetize your applications or show off your creations. We finished our Kickstarter in December of 2015, and are working hard to deliver a great product for our supporters. We are open sourcing much of our technology, and we are looking to the development community to help us drive the MATRIX platform forward.


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