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Find the best shipping rates with Shippo – Now on Mashape!

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Are you in a hurry to find the best international shipping rates?  Try Shippo!  We’re pleased to have this amazing service join Mashape’s community.  With Shippo, you can compare shipment and logistic costs for cross-border express parcels and packages of FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL and many others.

Small businesses are typically ineligible for bulk rate shipping discounts; however, with Shippo, businesses of all size can easily find affordable solutions.  Prices without bulk discounts are usually 80% higher.  To find the best deals, Shippo connects customers with smaller courier companies, which are often difficult to find and compare, but can provide exceptional cost efficiencies.

Shippo allows you to optimize shipping costs per package.  The API automatically allocates each package to the cheapest shipping provider.  There is no need to go with only one provider, allowing you to benefit from the best rates of different couriers.

The Shippo API automates the entire shipping process and finds the best rates for each express delivery shipment.  Through their API small businesses can perform address verification and address completion; as well as review instant rates of all carriers, print instant labels with integrated payments, batch refunds, and follow packages with live tracking.

Best of all the API provides flexible integration within minutes.   With Shippo, you’ll increase productivity on things that matter most, getting product to customers.

We’re thrilled to have Shippo on Mashape.  Try their API today!

Here’s an example code snippet:

[snippet id=”1220″]


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