By on February 11, 2014

Indix Real Time Product Intelligence API Joins Mashape


Mashape is proud to introduce Indix and its Product Intelligence Platform to our community.  With the world’s broadest and deepest product database, Indix enables developers to create apps and services that become product aware in real-time.

Through Indix’s SaaS and Big Data product intelligence solution, brands and retailers have the ability to explore, analyze, and visualize the world’s product information in real-time including assortment, catalog, channels, competition, prices, promotions, news, social feeds.  With nearly limitless product related information, data businesses can extract data points to fine-tune their product and market landscape; ultimately, outperform the competition.   If you want to win in this game, you’d better have Indix at your side.

The Indix API provides direct access to raw data on millions of products: prices, promotions, availability, channels, attributes, competition and more.   Having such valuable data directly available to your applications allows anybody to perform in-depth pricing analysis, identify retail price reductions and increases, locate potential missed promotions, and power a new generation of product aware apps.

Let the API help your team drive performance efficiencies.   In real time Indix enables teams to optimize pricing strategies among core categories, all the while, maintaining a constant view of industry trends.

Try the Indix API today!

Here’s an example code snippet:

[snippet id=”1227″]


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