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Introducing Kong Nation: Our Brand New Home For The Kong Community

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Kong Nation is now available as the premier place to ask questions about the Kong microservice API gateway, plugins, uses cases, application architectures, and more. Access to Kong Nation is free to everyone.

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Kong Nation was born from community feedback. You’ve been telling us that the community-wide conversation was increasingly fragmented across several discussion platforms. Searching for answers across platforms was impossible and figuring out which of the several platforms to participate in was confusing. That’s far short of the experience we want to provide. Rather than consolidate on one of the incumbent platforms, we aimed higher. And as a result Kong Nation provides an expansive feature set on day-one, including:

  • threaded discussions
  • natural language search
  • a fresh user experience
  • mobile support
  • user-controlled email notifications
  • much more … try it yourself

Everyone is welcome to participate in Kong Nation. All we ask is that you treat the forum and your fellow community members with respect and civility; check out the community guidelines if you have questions.

A Community-Powered Discussion Forum

All of the information in Kong Nation is created by and for the community. Yes, several Kong Inc. employees are posting answers to your questions, sharing useful information, and (rarely) moderating contributions. But make no mistake: this is a community forum, not a Kong Inc. forum. Your voice is essential to its success. There is a lot of fantastic content today, and over time Kong Nation will have a huge and helpful collection of information on architecting, deploying, operating and scaling microservice APIs.

Quickly Research Kong Knowledge

Kong Nation is organized into 6 categories comprising topics and posts. When posting new topics, please give some thought to the appropriate category for your question. Here are a few examples:

  • Kong installation and database configuration questions belong in Installation/Setup category.
  • Questions regarding the troubleshooting or use of a plugin are well suited to the Questions category.
  • Interest in new features, databases or cloud technologies belong in the Feature Suggestions category.
  • Bug reports should be posted to Github Issues, not to Kong Nation.
  • And developers who want to share to their open source Kong plugins can post details in the Announcements category.

Kong Nation has a very capable internal search engine that returns relevance-ranked results. Additionally, all Kong Nation content is indexed by Google and others, so you can find results in major search engines. Type your-topic.

Join Kong Nation: Signing up is Easy

Everything about Kong Nation is better when you sign up. You’ll gain the ability to post questions, participate in discussions, and share your knowledge with the rest of the community. Registered users also have the ability to receive customized notifications, from a daily digest to event-driven alerts around specific topics. Best of all, signing up is super easy:

  1. Click on the “Sign Up” button in the upper right of your browser.
  2. Create and authenticate your account using your Google or Github credentials, or via email. The choice is yours.

Join Kong Nation Using Google or Github Profiles

See you at Kong Nation!

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