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Kong 0.10.0 Released

We are pleased to announce one of the most anticipated releases of Kong ever. Kong 0.10.0 includes exciting new features that have been heavily requested by the community and our enterprise customers – plus we’ve improved performance yet again!

There’s no way we could cover everything new in one blog post, but we wanted to share a few highlights:


  • Dynamic Load Balancing – Kong supports dynamic load-balancing, configurable via the Admin API. You can now associate multiple target hosts to an upstream, and load-balance across them. An external load balancer is no longer required. View Docs
  • Blue-Green Deployments & Canary Releases – By leveraging new dynamic load balancing, you can now easily implement Blue-Green Deployments of your upstream services, or Canary Releases, by leveraging different weights. View Docs
  • Enhanced Routing Capabilities – Kong can now route incoming requests to your upstream services based on a combination of Host headers, URIs and HTTP methods. View Docs
  • Serverless – We have introduced the AWS Lambda plugin, which invokes Lambda functions from any Kong node. Use it in combination with other plugins for a performant and extensible Lambda experience. View Docs
  • Service Discovery – Kong now fully supports SRV record resolutions in third-party DNS resolvers, enabling full support for service discovery tools like Consul. View Docs
  • Maintains Upstream Connection Pools – Kong now maintains connection pools with your upstream services. This greatly improves performance, especially for HTTPS connections. View Docs
  • Cassandra 3.x Support – Kong now supports Cassandra v3.x. View Docs
  • WebSockets Support – Kong can now upgrade client connections to communicate through WebSockets to your upstream services. View Docs.


  • Dynamic SSL Capabilities – The SSL plugin has been removed and dynamic SSL certificates serving has been moved to Kong core. View Docs
  • Admin API – There are a few changes in the Admin API, especially when provisioning a new API. Please make sure your clients are updated. Upgrade Guide

View the full changelog.

Kong Enterprise Feature Preview

  • OAuth 2.0 Introspection Endpoint – If you want to authenticate OAuth 2.0 access tokens against a third-party OAuth 2.0 Authorization server, Kong can now leverage the Introspection Endpoint specification (RFC 7662) as an enterprise-only feature.

Kong Enterprise is the paid offering from Mashape that includes Kong, Developer Portal, and API Analytics features – plus enterprise-grade 24/7 support. Contact us to learn more.


Be sure to carefully read the Upgrade Guide, as 0.10 introduces a few breaking changes.

You are invited to contribute to the Kong project by reporting issues and submitting pull requests. Please join the core maintainers and the Kong community on Gitter and the Kong mailing list.

We hope you enjoyed this good news everyone,
The Mashape Team


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