By on December 21, 2016

Kong 0.9.7 released

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We strongly recommend to update to the latest update of Kong (0.9.7) that ships with some significant bugfixes and performance improvements, especially if you are using Cassandra:


  • Fixed a performance issue in Cassandra by removing an old workaround that was forcing Cassandra to use LuaSocket instead of cosockets.
  • Custom plugins are now properly loaded again.
  • Galileo: properly encode empty arrays.
  • OAuth 2: some improvements, including safely parsing the request body even when no data has been sent.
  • And more.

To update to the latest version, simply follow the installation instructions.

Upgrading from < 0.9.x

If you are migrating from an older version of Kong < 0.9.x, then follow the migration instructions in order to make your Kong cluster functioning after updating to 0.9.x.

Curious about the new version?


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