Kong CE 0.12.0 adds active health checks and hashed-based load balancing

By on May 24, 2018

Kong EE 0.32 – Status Code Analytics, Zipkin Tracing, and Much More!

Kong Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of Kong Enterprise Edition (EE) Version 0.32. This new release includes the Routes and Service model which provides better separation of concerns and allows for plugins to be applied to specific endpoints. The release also includes many updates that further enhance full control of the API lifecycle, and introduces the Azure functions, Zipkin tracing, and Edge Compute plugins that further increase the utility of the Kong microservices API gateway to enterprises implementing modern architectures and going cloud native.

Vitals – Status Code Tracking, Reporting, and Visualizing

Status Code tracking (GUI+API)

  • Status Code groups per Cluster – counts of 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx groups across the cluster over time. Visible in the Admin GUI at ADMIN_URL/vitals/status-codes.
  • Status Codes per Service – count of individual status codes correlated to a particular service. Visible in the Admin GUI at ADMIN_URL/services/{service_id}.
  • Status Codes per Route – count of individual status codes correlated to a particular route. Visible in the Admin GUI at ADMIN_URL/routes/{route_id}.
  • Status Codes per Consumer and Route – count of individual status codes returned to a given consumer on a given route.  Visible in the Admin GUI at ADMIN_URL/consumers/{consumer_id}.


Vitals: request volume and latency performance monitoring.


Vitals: status code analytics.


Vitals: datastore cache performance

Routes & Services Replaces APIs

Kong’s new resource entities “Services” and “Routes” provide the separation of concerns between downstream clients and upstream services that the previous singular “API” entity could not. Common use-cases become easier to reason about, and you benefit from extra granularity when applying plugins. These new entities considerably improve usability and flexibility at the same time, while reducing potential repetitive configuration. Find more information and examples on Services and Routes in the Kong Community Edition 0.13.0 Release Post.

Rate Limiting Plugins

Kong EE 0.32 now ships with both “rate-limiting” and “rate-limiting-advanced” plugins. This gives administrators the flexibility to choose the configuration level that best meets the needs of their specific use case.

Azure Functions Plugin

The new Azure Functions plugin allows Kong to route API requests to Microsoft’s serverless service. Whether you are refactoring monoliths into microservices and serverless functions or doing greenfield serverless projects, Kong streamlines your journey. Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar on Azure Functions and other not-yet-announced integrations with Microsoft Azure. The Azure Functions plugin is available today, bundled with Kong EE 0.32.

Zipkin (and Jaeger!) Tracing  Plugin

The new Zipkin Tracing plugin lets you log timing information to a Zipkin compatible server. If this plugin is enabled, Kong will propagate B3 headers to enable distributed tracing, as well as send spans to a specified Zipkin (or Jaeger) server. Distributed tracing is a popular observability pattern in Kubernetes and Cloud Native infrastructures (and just in case you missed it, check out Kong’s recently announced Kubernetes Ingress Controller). The Zipkin plugin is available today, bundled with Kong EE 0.32.

Edge Compute Plugin

While Kong has long supported custom plugins, writing such plugins and deploying them to your Kong infrastructure hasn’t been easy for everyone. Kong’s new Edge Compute plugin allows Kong Admins to quickly deploy new snippets of Lua code to be run at the start or end of specified request/response cycles. Your Lua code is updated via Kong Admin API calls, and the Edge Compute plugin can be quickly configured to run on any specified Route, Service, or Consumer. This plugin is available in a Preview version, bundled with Kong EE 0.32 – please try it out and share how you use it in Kong Nation.

Many More Improvements to Kong Enterprise Plugins

  • The basic Request Transformer plugin from Kong CE is now included in Kong EE, along with Kong EE’s Request Transformer Advanced plugin.
  • The Proxy Cache plugin now allows customizing the cache key, selecting specific headers or query params to be included.
  • A new EE-only LDAP Advanced plugin includes augmented ability to search by LDAP fields
  • Kong’s industry-leading OpenID Connect plugin has many improvements and expanded configuration options

Kong Dev Portal

  • Code Snippets
  • Developer “request access” full life-cycle
  • Default Dev Portal included in Kong disto (with default theme)
  • Authentication on Dev Portal out of box (uncomment in Kong.conf)
  • Docs for Routes/Services for Dev Portal
  • Docs for Admin API

Numerous Improvements to Kong Admin GUI

  • Routes and Services GUI
  • New Plugins thumbnail view
  • Health Checks / Circuit Breakers GUI

If you are a Kong Enterprise subscriber, we encourage you to read the 0.32 Changelog prior to upgrading. Contact your Customer Success Engineer with your specific questions.

Not using Kong Enterprise yet? Request a demo from Kong API experts and explore using Kong EE to secure and scale your microservices APIs.