By on May 27, 2015

Kong’s first month of life

Last month Mashape launched Kong to provide the world with a free and open source API and Microservice management platform. We would like to share some general stats to the community since it’s a project that belongs to everyone.

The community response has exceeded our expectations; in fact, we’ve also noticed how much work we still have to do to provide even more functionality to the API and Microservice ecosystem.

             – First 30 Days –


Github stars: 1,459 (so far the most popular OSS API & Microservice management solution)

Github forks: 78

Gitter Chat: 82 members

Emailing List: 320 developers



Downloads: 3,300 (real downloads from Docker, Debian, etc – no bots)

Nodes started with Kong: 2,095

Unique IP: 405

Most used distribution: Ubuntu



Biggest Node Kong is running on: 48 CPU cores

Most used setup per Node: 4 CPU cores

Anonymous Log Reports: ~422k




Map View

Kong is being used in over 100 countries:


Thanks for the support and the adoption. If you need any help please ping us on our public chat!


Kong is free and open for everyone