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Multi-DC, Running at Scale and Yahoo! Japan Case Description

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Multi-DC and Running at Scale

Kong’s stateless architecture and lightweight footprint allow it to be deployed in a variety of environments, with few adjustments required for deployment strategies. At Kong Summit, the Kong Cloud team described their experience with deploying a provider-agnostic, globally-available, high performance Kong installation. They analyzed the behavior of Kong both as a request-terminating API gateway, and as a reverse HTTP proxy, demonstrating its ability to capture and transform complex elements of inbound API requests, and deliver them in a reliable way to dynamic API backends across the globe. Watch the talk to understand how Kong can be deployed as an highly-available/global API gateway, best practices in designing edge-tier gateway installations, and best practices for distributing API traffic from a highly-available gateway to upstream traffic handlers.

Then, hear how Yahoo! Japan accelerates service development by using Kong. Naoya Okada, software engineer at Yahoo! Japan, shares why they chose Kong for their API gateway, how they’re using Kong for their multi-DC platform architecture, current use cases and future efforts.


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