By on September 26, 2018

Kong Summit 2018 Highlights

On September 18-19, 2018 we had our first-ever conference, Kong Summit! Several hundred attendees joined us at The Pearl in San Francisco to hear some amazing product announcements, learn about industry trends like microservices and serverless, and hear how fellow community members and customers are integrating Kong with other cloud-native projects including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Terraform.

We have recorded all of the talks and our team is working hard on making them available very soon. Sign up for updates at the footer to be notified when they become available. In the meantime, enjoy the recap video below!

Also, we’ve summarized the major announcements from the Summit, and ways to keep in touch with the community.


The end of API Management

“API management is dead!” Augusto Marietti proclaimed in his opening Keynote. Microservices are proliferating at an ever-increasing pace and their APIs can’t be managed individually anymore; there are just too many of them. Added to this complexity, the rise of streaming analytics means that most useful data is in flight, being passed from one service to another to deliver real-time results. Introducing latency into streaming systems has dire consequences since data can get stale within seconds of its collection.

These two factors, combined with the fact that companies usually run microservice-heavy, real-time applications on mixed infrastructure (both in the public cloud and on-premises) mean that a new type of tool is required to manage the flow of information within applications. In the opening keynotes, Kong Inc. announced its vision to provide this new tool, a service control platform, to broker the flow of information that is constantly in flight between ever-proliferating microservices on hybrid infrastructure.

Product Announcements

The major product announcements at Kong Summit  included:

  • Kong 1.0 – This milestone marks the maturity of our open source offering and a solidification of our API. We promise that changes in 1.X.x will be additive rather than modifying existing functionality.
  • Service Mesh – This deployment pattern is enabled in 1.0 by the addition of mutual Transport Layer Security (TLS) and modifications to the plugin run loop.
  • Kong Cloud – Kong Enterprise will soon be available as a hosted service for teams that want to focus on business value rather than operations.

Summit also included a keystone announcement for Kong’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Kong CEO, Augusto Marietti, announced that Kong’s service control platform will leverage AI to better understand service connections and communications. Kong VP of Engineering, Geoff Townsend, treated the Kong Summit audience to demos of Kong’s upcoming AI-fueled products. Check out the first products around Machine Learning (ML) and Security and sign up for a private beta.

Use Case Examples

During Kong Summit, we heard some great stories from Kong users and customers. McAfee told us about their use of Kong and contributions to the open source community. Cargill told us about their team uses Kong to route traffic in Kubernetes. Zillow open-sourced the Terraform module that they use to deploy Kong into AWS. And, Yahoo! Japan outlined how they run Kong to provide high availability in the face of natural disasters including earthquakes.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all the users who shared their use cases during the summit! If you are doing something cool with Kong in production we’d love to hear from you too! Please contact the Kong marketing team; we’d love to signal-boost your story!

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All the talks at Kong Summit were recorded, and we’ll be sharing them with everyone once the recordings are processed! If you would like to be alerted when new recordings come out, you can sign up at the bottom of this page to get them sent straight to your inbox.

Stay in touch!

You can stay in touch with the Kong community by joining our monthly community call, or attending our upcoming webinar on our company’s vision and what’s enabled by Kong 1.0.