By on April 28, 2015

Kong – The King of API Management is Taking Over

Mashape is excited to introduce Kong, the API industry’s first open source platform for managing microservices and APIs. Using NGINX as its proxy server, Kong enables developers to create plugins for authentication, rate limiting, transformations, and many other common utilities to expedite the creation of next-generation software such as the latest in mobile, IoT, and Web.



Over the past several years Mashape developed the underlying technology for Kong, which powers the world’s largest API marketplace. The 140,000 active developers in our community have experienced Kong first hand. We’re proud of what we’ve started, but it’s time to let the community contribute to the platform and ensure Kong fulfills its true potential.


Why Kong?
As the replacement for legacy API management systems, Kong lets developers make an immediate transition to an open, flexible platform that was designed for easy interoperability. Best of all, Kong is available in CentOS, Debian, Docker, Ubuntu and many other platforms; also, you can easily install it in the cloud through AWS, Rackspace and Linode, or popular VM platforms like Vagrant and VMware, or on any other system.


Make Kong the best open-source API management solution. Start contributing today!

Replace your legacy API platforms now!