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List of Food and Drinks APIs for a yummy-licious Summer

Summer is here! At Mashape, we’ve been busy improving and iterating on some new features. But what better way to celebrate the awesome weather with some food, drinks, and API? Whether you’re staying in or heading out, we hope that this list of food and drinks API will be useful for you!

For the diet-conscious folks who like to count your calories, skip the food and consume these APIs instead. 😉 Think of the possibilities of linking a wearable device with a food API. You can re-calibrate your targets on the fly based on your food and drinks intake, or the distance you walked. After all, walking is safer than taking an Uber, right? 😛

Food APIs 

Food API

Sensum is a great food API, developed in London, UK and powered by Klappo. It allows developers to build food related and medical apps. You can filter products for a user based on their demographics, such as age, weight, height, and medical condition. You can also filter recipes based on allergies and dietary preferences. The Sensum API will return cooking instructions on how to prepare the meal you’ve selected. To add icing on the cake, the Sensum API supports ingredients in 50 different languages! Sweet right? [Free API]

Nutritionix, featured a few months back in our blog, is a HUGE database for food. Use the Nutritionix API to quickly calculate nutrition data for restaurants and food approved by the USDA. The database is huge, with over 100,000 restaurant meals and another 10,000 in common food. Who would have guessed that my favourite Sub is 1090Kcal? Need to slow down on those! [Freemium API]

Yummly allows you to search through a ton of recipes sourced from professionals who cook and list their food on the web. You can filter them using multiple variables, with the most mind blowing one I found being sourness and sweetness. The Yummly API is great if you’re feeling adventurous, or thinking of building a “what to cook with what I’ve got” app. [Freemium API]

Webknox’s Recipes API may be in beta, but it is still way cool. The Webknox Receipe API allows you to access over 250,000 recipes. You can use natural language to look for items, and it will return a resultset. Check out the widgets to visualize ingredient lists, price breakdowns, animated images (GIFs) and recipe cards! Woah. [Free API]

Drinks APIs

Drinks API

Open Beer Database – Imagine that you’re enjoying a glass of delicious ale, and you ask yourself, what exactly am I drinking? You’ve never heard of that ale, but luckily you’ve got access to this API. With a simple GET request, the Open Beer API has got you covered with what’s in your drink! [Free API]

AbsoluteDrinks – What if I told you I could make a hundred cocktails like any bartender by just using one API? The Absolute Drinks API returns not only the recipes, ingredients and tools needed to shake a cocktail the proper way, but also a generates a tutorial video. [Free API]

Check it out below:



Let us know if you’re working on an app or API and would like to be added to this list of food and drinks APIs, we’d love to hear from you!

P.S. If you see the Mashape logo and you walk in our offices we’ll give you a tour and share a responsible drink with you

Food and Drinks API


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