By on October 8, 2019

A Look Back at Kong Summit 2019

It was an exciting journey in coming together with our community last week at Kong Summit 2019. I want to take a moment to appreciate the experience we shared, our major product announcements, and what all this means for the future of Kong and building software. 

Kong Summit was an amazing, energetic 48 hours that brought together more than 500 attendees from 28 countries, representing our open source users and enterprise customers, as well as numerous cloud native industry leaders. 

At Kong Summit, I shared with our community what I see as the guiding principle for the company – powering connections that matter. As we reinvent and reimagine the future of software, we have the greatest impact when we focus on information that has the potential to solve the most pressing problems people are facing. We make this real by focusing our product innovation on the challenges our community is facing and uncovering new opportunities to advance our common cause of building the next era of software. 

Here’s a quick recap of our product announcements:

  • We acquired Insomnia. We will maintain Insomnia as an open source project and are also making Insomnia’s technology the foundation for our new, integrated development environment, Kong Studio. Kong Studio allows users to seamlessly edit, test, and publish REST and GraphQL services directly onto the Kong Enterprise runtime and Dev Portal
  • We announced Kong Enterprise 2020. The latest version of our flagship enterprise offering provides customers with comprehensive service management from pre-production to post-production across all platforms, protocols and deployment patterns. This includes protocol support for REST, Kafka Streams, gRPC and GraphQL.
  • We announced major additions to our popular open source core with Kong Gateway 2.0 Alpha. We are adding support for the popular Go language with a PDK. Kong Gateway 2.0 also separates the data plane and control plane, allowing greater flexibility in infrastructure architecture and enabling Hybrid use cases. Other updates include native gRPC proxy, upstream mTLS authentication and full-featured declarative configuration. 

We received great feedback and excitement on these announcements from the community. After kicking off Kong Summit with these announcements, we opened up the floor to our customers and the broader community to share their stories. A few highlights from our many customer presentations: 

  • Odean Maye presented how GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is reimagining patient outcomes with Kong, including an interesting example of an API allowing GSK to search over 200 TB of data to identify relevant experts for needs across the organization.
  • Jason Walker and Colin Schaub shared lessons on building the engineering culture at Cargill that has supported their journey to adopting cloud native technologies.
  • In a fireside chat with Kong CTO Marco Palladino, Ty Amell shared how AppDynamics adjusted to the smaller teams and speed required after transitioning to microservices.

And some of the many thought leaders and industry shapers we heard from:

  • Matt Klein shared the problems that led to the creation of Envoy. Envoy is also the foundation of our new open source service mesh project, Kuma. 
  • Sam Ramji, a pioneer of cloud native technologies, presented a simple and powerful message that “slow is dangerous” and “speed is safety” when it comes to microservices.
  • Charity Majors fired up the crowd with an inspiring call to embrace observability. 
  • Investors from GGV, CRV and a16z explained why this is an exciting moment in the history of open source technology and why strength of community is the number-one predictor of a product’s future in our fast-evolving ecosystem.

Finally, I’m proud that amidst all the product announcements and networking with industry leaders, our attendees and team still found time to have fun. From a pop-up donut wall to an LED light-themed game lounge, to celebrating on the 46th floor of the Hilton with an amazing panoramic sunset view of the San Francisco skyline, I realized that while building the next era of software is a lot of work, it can also be a lot of fun. 

Thank you for joining us! See you next year!



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