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By on May 15, 2015

Mashape + Paw = Answer to your API testing needs

Today, Mac developers have a new way to utilize the rich collection of APIs in the Mashape API Marketplace through our new integration with Paw, a beautifully designed Mac app that makes interaction with REST services seamless. Whether you’re an API provider or consumer, Paw helps you build HTTP requests, inspect server responses and generate client code. Now it’s integrated with Mashape’s API Marketplace and available on all public APIs—free & paid—allowing you to quickly test your favorite APIs.

Paw + Mashape (5)

The integration will allow Mashape users to open any public API in Paw, quickly hack with it and generate client code in 15 languages via Paw Extensions.

“One of our longstanding goals as a company has been to provide developers with quality tools to help streamline the testing process, strengthen collaboration among the developer community and create a more fertile breeding ground for innovation. This integration will continue to push those goals forward by adding another valuable tool to the Mashape ecosystem,” said Augusto Marietti, CEO of Mashape.

“We’re big fans of Mashape and its API management platform, and with this integration our technologies have come together to improve development cycles for our users. Mashape understands the need to seamlessly consume APIs, and testing is a vital part of that process. This integration will streamline the development process and enable easy, fast consumption of APIs through Paw’s new Mashape-powered API search function, and new one-click functionality within the Mashape API Marketplace allowing users to launch an API directly in Paw,” said Micha Mazaheri, CEO of Paw.

Opening Mashape API Marketplace Integration with Paw

Paw + Mashape (2)

Users now have the option to open an API definition on in Paw through the new “Open in Paw” button feature. Just choose Paw when prompted and your API definition will be imported into Paw within seconds.

Paw + Mashape (3)

Once imported into Paw, an API definition can be modified to match a user’s need. HTTP responses are displayed, and client code can be generated for over 15 languages and frameworks.

Paw + Mashape (1)
Users also can search for API definitions available on Mashape directly from the Paw user interface.

Getting your Mitts on Paw

Paw is available through the Mac App Store here and on the Paw website here.

Mac devs, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how this improves your experience. Please share your feedback, and happy testing!

Try the Mashape integration now!

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