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Mashape 2015 swag contest: help us find our new swag design, and win Mashape merchandise

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The Api Father t-shirt design

There is no secret there: we love cool t-shirts, and our laptops are covered with stickers. Since the last two years, we have a new yearly tradition at Mashape: creating a new t-shirt and sticker design related to Mashape, the API world, or our lovely mascot, Jason. This year, we want you to be part of the creative process!

We already have a bunch of ideas: “Got API?” and “API now, REST later” are some examples. They are great, but we would like you, Mashape users, to suggest to us what t-shirt you would be proud to wear at work, or which sticker design would honor your beloved computer. The principle is simple; we are looking for ideas for t-shirts, stickers or any other cool swag like a mug design. If you think you’ve got what it takes to win this contest, fill out this form with some details before the 2nd of February at midnight PST. No need to have the magic touch when it comes to creating the design itself as we are just looking for ideas. Our talented designer at Mashape who will make your dream a reality! Of course, if you have some drawing skills, anything visual will help us to understand what you have in mind. After the deadline, we will review all the suggestions, and will decide which t-shirt, and sticker design we’ll do for 2015. The winners will be announced on this blog and will receive a limited-edition Mashape Trooper Zip Hoodie, a t-shirt with the winning design, and a pack of ten 2015 stickers.

Before submitting your idea, review the actual models we have at our merchandise store: the keep calm sticker design was also available as a t-shirt, now discontinued. We are looking for creative, catchy designs. We swim in the API ocean every day, and we are a bunch of real geeks, so keep this in mind! Those new swags will be used by our evangelist team while travelling, and meeting you at different events, so we want something we will be proud of too. Feel free to submit more than one form if the creativity part of you is overflowing with ideas. Fill out the form soon, as we only have a week to gather amazing ideas…

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