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Mashape Adventures – November Recap

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Mashape has been on the road a lot last month, in fact we’ve travelled over 9500 miles collectively to raise awareness around the beautiful world of APIs.

AWS re:Invent 2014

As you might know Amazon organises an annual conference where they announce new Amazon products for the cloud, partnerships and also converges developers from all around the world in a large expo hall. With 13000 attendees, 400 speakers, 200 sponsors over a period of 3 days who attended the conference, this was the largest conference Mashape has ever attended!

Attendees sitting watching the first keynote

Attendees sitting watching the first keynote

Our first trip started in San Francisco, our hometown, we managed to get 4 of our most chatty apes in a box and shipped them to Las Vegas.
Amazon’s AWS division is a lot of things at once, an infrastructure platform, a cloud marketplace and is quickly becoming and moving into the SaaS business offering.

The two most exciting announcement from an engineering perspective for us were:

  • Amazon is now supporting event driven services (Lambda was the highlight here) and containers making sure that you optimize resources and still maintain lightning speed execution time for critical processes.
  • The release of a cloud database offering (Aurora), claimed to be insanely fast by its developers. We are pretty excited to see how that works out for them.. there are a lot of database technologies out there! Looks like this will give big players like Oracle a run for the money!

The whole experience was very interesting, especially for Orlando who had never been to Vegas before 😛

Welcome sign at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Welcome sign at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

The schedule was tight, since many developers stopped by and asked about Mashape and our technology stack. While having a conference in Vegas sounded like fun, it is, in reality, a really tiresome job to be running the booth.

Our CTO resting behind our booth at the Exhibition Hall

Our CTO resting behind our booth at the Exhibition Hall

We managed to speak to tons of people, met friendly faces from previous events and made new friends! Many people were attracted to our booth when they saw the Mashca$h lying around the conference 😉

Mashca$h - Did you pick up any? :)

Mashca$h – Did you pick up any? 🙂

Before leaving Las Vegas, we tried our luck at the tables with some of our pocket money, hoping to win enough for a first class ticket back. Unfortunately, that didn’t go too well 😛

Colorado’s DEFRAG 2014

Defrag was a smaller and more tightknit conference compared to re:Invent. We got to meet with the developer community and share beers without the frustration of having to dash through booths and bars. Additionally, thumbs up to the organiser of Defrag who picked a really good venue and food caterer for the event!

Delicious food at Defrag 2014

Delicious food at Defrag 2014

The key theme of the conference revolved around APIs, Drones and more general Technology trends. While our Mashapers were mainly at the booth, our developer evangelist Orlando also gave a talk on API monetization and distribution:

Give it a read, and let us know what you think!


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