By on October 20, 2015

Mashape Analytics is now Galileo + new features.

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Starting with the name, Mashape Analytics is now Galileo. Named after the Italian “father of modern science”, Galileo Galilei, Mashape Galileo is the father of modern API Analytics.


To keep you busy we’ve added tons of improvements:


Every step is now personalized using your current environment and account tokens, making it a breeze to start sending data. Speaking of data, instead of cluttering your environments with sample data, we now have a dedicated test environment you can pre-populate with realistic data points.


Environment Stats

The Environment Dropdown was lacking something major, insight. Replacing the generic description of an Environment with Environment Stats allows you to see which environments are sending calls.


Quick Filter

Filtering data viewed in the Report table was a huge hassle. Previously you had to copy the value, go to filters, while remembering the column name… Who has time for that? Now you can click the value and instantly apply an inline filter to the report, remove them, or save the values permanently to your existing report filters.

Custom Columns

In the Reports & Logs View, Custom Columns was a heavily requested feature. This feature has gotten us really excited because it provides an easy way to segment your analytic data. Want to see your requests grouped by a specific header or by developer? Now you can. 


Better Charting & Error Screens

The old charting library wasn’t as performant as we wanted looking into the finer details (requests per second) and real-time view (with pause/play buttons). So we swapped it out with a new library and now pages load lightning fast, plus it can easily handle billions of points. 


Lower Pricing

We reached some scaling economies, so we wanted to pass those savings in costs to you. Paid plans start just at 95$/month now – better than a price of a pizza!


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