By on August 8, 2016

Mashape Gelato and GitHub Announce Integration


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Mashape is proud to announce an integration with GitHub! In addition to being the largest and most respected Git repository hosting service, GitHub also has an extensive list of tools to help you build software faster and more efficiently. You can now find Gelato, Mashape’s API Dev Portal, listed in GitHub’s Integrations Directory.

With Gelato you can create great guides, import documentation from Swagger, API Blueprint, or RAML and experience a feature rich reference editor and automatic API explorer. When combined with Kong, the most popular open source API management platform, Gelato provides a seamless experience for developer on boarding and management.

Gelato Features Include

  • Developer Dashboard
  • API Reference Editor
  • Markdown Page Editor
  • Private / Internal Docs
  • API Key + HTTP Basic Auth
  • OAuth1 and OAuth2
  • Versioning

Check out this delicious portal overview!

Import from Swagger, API Blueprint or RAML

Gelato supports all major API Definition formats. Upload a file or sync with a definition file in one of your GitHub repos.

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Feature rich reference editor

If you prefer to specify your API using a GUI, we’ve got you covered with our amazing Reference Editor.

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Automatic sample code generation

Gelato will automatically generate Code Samples for you in any language. Your Developers can go from zero to first API request in no time!

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Extensive Customization

Gelato features a full theme editor so you can make your portal match your brand. You can even get a custom domain (comes standard with HTTPS ) or add custom CSS.

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Available on-premise or in the cloud

Gelato is Enterprise-ready! You can install Gelato behind your firewall, or if you don’t want to host it yourself you can sign up for our cloud product and get going right away.

Give us a Try!

Now you can combine the power of GitHub with the tastiest developer portal. Gelato removes all the hassle of creating and maintaining technical docs, and makes on-boarding developers easy. Try it for Free.

Gelato is the Dev Portal you’ve always wanted!