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At Mashape, we believe in mentorship

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There are a lot of ways to learn something new, to upgrade our skills or to find a solution to our problem. Think about the search engine, StackOverflow, books, and documentations that spread all over the web. They are all valid ways to find the information we are looking for, but there is nothing as powerful than contact with a real person. At Mashape, we believe in the power of mentorship, and it’s why we are proud to support hack.pledge(), a movement for programmers worldwide to assemble and mentor each other.

There are many platforms out there, but what we like from hack.plegde() is bigger mission behind the mentorship platform. They want to help us collectively improve our skills so we can become master craftsmen in software development. Let’s be honest, when we are writing our lines of code, we are creating art. As our friends at WordPress are saying, code is poetry. Let’s work together to create an even better poem.

To join the movement, simply sign-up on the site, and fill out a form: name, email, mentor or mentee, and your preferred programming language (there is a predefined list of common technologies). You will receive an email notifying you on when you can start the pledge. Once there is a mentor-mentee match, you’ll be able to use their dedicated tool hack.hands(), any other tools you prefer, or even meet your mentor/ mentee in person if you are both in the same city.

As a mentee, one hour may not seem much, but it’s enough to help you start something new, or get excited about a new programming language. As for the mentor, what is one hour in your busy schedule to help another developer? In any case, whether you’re teaching someone, or learning from someone, go sign the pledge. Remember, it’s more than just helping or getting help, it’s about showing the rest of the world that the developer community is strong!


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