By on September 8, 2011

Mashape is a proud partner of the new $1M Rapleaf fund

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Rapleaf LogoHello developers!

Today, Rapleaf is officially launching the Personalization Fund, a $1 million dollar fund dedicated to supporting developers who are creating projects around data and personalization. As a member of the Mashape community, you will receive priority access to the Rapleaf fund’s resources. You can use and access the Rapleaf API here:

The Rapleaf Personalization Fund will help entrepreneurs, developers, and early stage startups get the tools and resources they need to get up and running by providing cash grants, free data, and more.

Rapleaf is accepting applications on a rolling basis from developers who are interested in building a product incorporating Rapleaf’s data. Representative product ideas include:

  • A tool to help daily deals sites and e-commerce sites use data to segment product recommendations and offers
  • An engine for news sites to recommend content based on user data
  • An analytics tool to show aggregate demographic details of email newsletters

For more info, check out:

To contact them just click on “Rapleaf”. If you are an Objective-C developer ready to build iPhone and iPad apps, check out the Rapleaf Obj-C client library!

Rapleaf API

Rapleaf API


Use the code “Rapleaf” to gain immediate access to Mashape!

Rapleaf Fund


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