By on April 2, 2015

Mashape speaks at Codemotion Rome 2015

Mashape recently had the pleasure of speaking at Codemotion, a developer-led conference held in Rome on 27th-28th March, with our Mashaper, @orliesaurus, in attendance.

The conference, held at one of Rome’s many universities, was jam-packed, with a huge crowd of talented developers in attendance. Most of the attendees poured into Rome from all over Italy, with many even flying in from abroad to participate.

IoT, 3D printing, microservices and remote working were just some of the hot topics the conference focused on.

Attending Codemotion

We were excited to have the opportunity to give away some of our world-renowned t-shirts and stickers to some lucky attendees. We love to make developers happy(-ier)!

We were also selected as one of the lucky startups to participate in the StartupInAction contest. This exclusive contest, organised by Innovaction Lab, gave startups a greater exposure during the conference.

Additionally, we had the pleasure to meet up with some of our startup friends. A massive shout-out to the Stamplay-ers and ClickMeter-ers who were also at the conference! We love it that our friends were there because it means we can look out for one another!

Mashape brought their knowledge on web APIs to the table, by holding a 40 minute talk. @orliesaurus presented on the topic of building APIs for developers that scale, are easy to consume and generally don’t suck!

Check out his slide-deck here!:

We were super happy to be part of such a great event. The organisers did not fail to impress, the attendees were inspired and loved discussing @orliesaurus‘s presentation after he was finished. We can’t wait till our next appearance at Codemotion!