By on February 19, 2013

MusicHackDay SF 2013 Recap

MusicHackDay SF 2013 logoAfter an intense 24-hour coding stint that started 16th Feb for the MusicHackDay SF 2013 at the Tokbox office, we have picked our Mashape category winner, “Nightingale”, for mashing up a bunch of APIs from Mashape, including Text Processing, Musixmatch, and Word Cloud Generator, to name a few.  Congratulations to Nightingale developer, Vivek Agrawal, for winning the $500 prize from Mashape!  (He was also awarded the best Musixmatch category :)).

Nightingale creates a song playlist based on your tweets.  (e.g. I got a bunch of “Flo Rida” songs after Nightingale analyzed my Twitter account).  If you want to try it out, you can head over to

Here’s Vivek talking about Nightingale, and Loreto Parisi (from Musixmatch) inviting developers to check out the Musixmatch API.


One other team that used the Mashape / MusixMatch is “Sing Along With Me”.  It gives you a “premier online karaoke experience” delivered through the web.  This is also one of our favorite hacks because we love karaoke ourselves (haha).  It also matches the background visuals with the mood of the song.  Nice!

Here’s Yih Sun, Angie, Le Wei, and Ryan walking us through Sing Along With Me.



Congratulations to all the 66 teams in MusicHackDay!  We are looking forward to the next MHD!

In the meantime, below are the UStream demo start times of all the hacks in MusicHackDay so you can watch and jump to your favorite hacks.  Enjoy!

Video streaming by Ustream

(5:00) Leap Orchestra

(9:00) The Bonhamizer

(11:23) RdioShow

(12:30) GestSync

(15:30) Soundvine

(19:16) Terramin

(21:10) Environmental Visualization

(23:24) Vine + 8 Looping Beats

(25:07) kalx+

(27:04) FreeShirt

(28:10) Mugatu

(29:22) Dizzy


(33:38) Music -> QWERTY Keyboard

(36:30) Tweet Concrete

(40:45) DJ Wizard

(42:45) Playlist With Friends

(45:15) Code Music

(47:48) Let’s Jam

(49:10) Sing Along With Me

(51:59) MogCurses

(54:18) Concert Visuals with LSD

(57:08) rdio_vs_sdtk

(58:45) Gordie Howe Hat Trick

(1:00:38) OpenHarmonic

(1:02:30) Instrumentio

(1:03:34) Synthpad

(1:04:47) Biscuit Orchestra

(1:07:09) Rack

(1:09:56) Beatboard