By on March 31, 2014

Next Caller, Advanced Caller ID, joins Mashape

Next CallerLike everyone, we hate calling customer support centers.  After making your way through a labyrinth of support options, wouldn’t it be great if the service agent already knew your name and address?  If you manage a service center or develop tools for caller ID systems, our newest partner can make this a reality.  Mashape is proud to partner with Next Caller, an Advanced Caller IDSM for businesses.

With over 220 million records on file, Next Caller is your company’s secondary database.   By linking U.S. phone numbers, both mobile and landline, to names, addresses, and emails, Next Caller will save your support center an incredible amount of time gathering user information.  Caller profiles are sent directly to your answering agents.  Best of all, Next Caller is integrated with leading customer service platforms, including Zendesk, Salesforce, Cisco and Avaya, among many others.

Next Caller’s API is based on REST principles and utilizes OAuth 1.0a.  The Next Caller API can only be used to identify inbound callers.  When you don’t know who’s calling, simply ping Next Caller’s database.

Time is money and customer satisfaction is valued in seconds.  Give Next Caller a try today.  Your customers will be glad you did.

Here’s an example code snippet from Next Caller’s API:

[snippet id=”1264″]


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