By on January 27, 2014

Scoreoid gaming API joins Mashape

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Mashape is pleased to have Scoreoid join our community.  The cross platform gaming backend and real-time marketing solution empowers developers with unparalleled engagement and monetization options.

Scoreoid is a non-restrictive, reliable and easy to use gaming platform designed to handle scoring, leaderboards and game management.  Additionally, it features advanced functions for multi-platform games, such as content awareness and detailed player management.

With Scoreoid’s API developers can shorten game development time and reduce costs.  There is no need to download SDKs and no waiting for updates; best of all, Scoreoid works on numerous platforms including Flash, Unity, HTML5, and Silverlight, among many others.

The Open Web API methods are RESTful HTTP/HTTPS and return XML or JSON responses. The Open Web API works with every coding language making it truly cross platform and easy to use.

Here are some sample endpoints:

Scoreoid API Sample Endpoints

Scoreoid API Sample Endpoints

Give Scoreoid a try today!

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