By on October 7, 2016

See How to Deploy Kong on the Google Cloud Platform


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Mashape recently announced an integration partnership between Kong, our open-source API management gateway and Bitnami, the leader in ready-to-run application packages and developer stacks for cloud deployments. By providing pre-packaged application images for the Google Cloud Platform, Bitnami enables devs to create and provision a new cloud server immediately. Bitnami saves users countless hours of configuring and setting up servers. It was a natural choice to work with Bitnami and provide Kong with a fast and easy way to deploy on Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP).

Learn to manage Microservices & APIs with Kong and the Google Cloud Platform

Many developers and product managers consistently fail to address the full picture when building APIs or microservices, focusing mostly on the business logic and ignoring the other 50% of the work that’s required before going into production: security, monitoring and documentation. Mashape’s CTO, Marco Palladino, will highlight these pain points and some examples of solutions to fix them; plus, how to deploy Kong on the Google Cloud Platform.


Join us on October 26th at 10am PDT to learn more about Bitnami, microservices, and how to launch Kong on GCP.

Hosted by David Dennis, Bitnami’s VP of Marketing and Marco Palladino, CTO of Mashape.

The event will cover:

  • How Kong manages your APIs and Microservices
  • How Kong’s NGINX infrastructure utilizes Cassandra and Postgres databases
  • How to launch Kong on the Google Cloud Platform
  • How to customize and optimize Kong specifically to your API needs
  • How to add microservice analytics and API developer portal

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