By on September 21, 2016

Setup Kong in Minutes with Koding


Mashape is proud to announce an integration partnership with Kong, the most popular open-source API Management platform and Koding, offering development environments as a service. Koding is one of the fastest ways to build and test virtual machines in the cloud.

Cloud-based development environments have dramatically transformed how engineers and teams write code and collaborate on projects. As more companies request cloud deployment options a partnership with Koding was a natural choice. Koding is changing the paradigm of how cloud development environments are deployed and managed.

Koding’s integration with Kong will allow engineers to quickly launch a properly configured development environment right from the Kong Installation page. Once deployed developers can manage their own stack scripts and define project requirements. Plus, project contributors can simply launch a development environment and get straight to coding. Team workflow and productivity will be dramatically improved.

Kong with Koding is as easy as 1- 2 – 3.

Skip the typical installation and configuration instructions and go straight to launching a virtual machine with Kong installed on your browser. Click “Try on Koding” from Kong’s Installation page and follow three easy steps. In under 5 minutes you can set up and share your dev environment.
Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.05.17 PMYou’re set, now start coding! Simply click Start Coding to generate your terminal.

Developers get everything they need to spin up full-stack, project specific environments in seconds. Share, update, and manage infrastructure from a simple to use interface.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.05.25 PM

The convenience of coding locally.

With Koding you can keep your terminal, IDE, and shortcuts. Utilizing a FUSE-based file system, Koding syncs your cloud environment file system on your local machine. Workflows stay local and familiar while you develop entirely in the cloud.

Give Koding a try today!

Don’t waste time managing dependencies, microservices, and other requirements from multiple locations. With Koding you can manage everything from one simple interface.

Through our integration you can easily create, manage and share Kong development environments across your enterprise. Launch Kong in your browser now!